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Rough synopsis:

So, the deets:

  • House is 120+ years old..  And needs love.
  • No plumbing
  • No septic system
  • Yes, double-barreled outhouse..  (just in case I have company??)
  • Upgraded electrical, and insulation
  • All the fixtures, furnishings, and tools are staying including
    • The sailboat,
    • The pickup truck,
    • The tractor,
    • The woodshop tools.
  • Property is 15 acres of woodland and a small clearing for the house and yard.
  • 15 Minutes to Bridgewater (town of 8000ish)
  • 30 Minutes to historic Lunenburg NS
  • 2 minutes from the LaHave river
  • 6 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean
  • loads of artists, and small businesses around.
  • People are friendly.
  • Dogs love the property!  (and, let’s be honest, this is the only thing that matters..)

Second round of videos and photos..
Then videos, then more photos..  So much excite!

Apologies for the shaky video.. I was really just using the camera as a flashlight, and wasn’t paying attention to the speed of movement.





And the second round of photos

Old trailer in the woods

Folk Art.> I think this might be one of the first products from this new space..

Exterior Details..


And moar still.

Decorative trim..

Decorative Trim.

Videos first, and an image gallery follows!

And, the images:


REALTOR PHOTO: Shop view. Upstairs and lower shop are servicable. Loads of tools left behind, some work, lots of hand tools too. Boat components are here, and lots of consumables.. Needs a major cleanup, but would be excellent for wood/metal work downstairs, and fine metals upstairs..


REALTOR PHOTO: Front summer kitchen entry. Deck needs replacing too.

REALTOR PHOTO: North face.

REALTOR PHOTO: Front of house

REALTOR PHOTO: yard and house. Lots of room for parking, motorhome and vehicles. Property extends behind the buildings in a long rectangle.

REALTOR PHOTO: NorthWest Bedroom – Old plank floor. Throughout the house.

REALTOR PHOTO: Summer Kitchen attic space behind pink bed headboard. New plank floors in this room.

REALTOR PHOTO: Walton’s bedroom. Heat vent from lower floor, and double walled pipe. Some ceiling damage from water leak at chimney needs immediate attn. Access to summer kitchen attic space directly left.

REALTOR PHOTO: original owner had been trying to restore doors and trim to original. This has been kept in good condition in storage..

REALTOR PHOTO: Lunenburg bump, ceiling detail upstairs.

REALTOR PHOTO: Painted Plank floors and super-low railing: DANGER! Upstairs, lunenburg bump is behind you. Two doors into “Walton’s” Bedroom to the right. Privvy/closet straight ahead. Northeast bedroom far left, northwest bedroom close left.

REALTOR PHOTO: inside of the lunenburg bump, front entry way.. stairs are behind you.

REALTOR PHOTO: wood stove again, this is the heat source for the house.

REALTOR PHOTO: Wood/Oil Stove.

REALTOR PHOTO: Kitchen area. Furniture included.

REALTOR PHOTO: view of privvy from the house.

REALTOR PHOTO: shop side view, sliding door for large work or summer air.

REALTOR PHOTO: NorthEast view. front of house.


View up the hill from the outhouse

Outhouse finery

MOre outhouse finery

MOAR outhouse finery.. Shaving centre too!

The Outhouse

Front yard looking with back to house. Road close to the house but reasonably set back.

South Face

Truck. included.

Old lawnmowers..

Back of shop.. Loads of windows and doors, and wood back here. Mostly junk, but some good stuff.

Wheelbarrows, junk wood pile

Rototiller.> There used to be a garden here.. condition unknown.

South face of shop More windows and junk here.

Oh, and a ladder.> South shop view

Junk wood pile looking toward back of property.

Junk wood pile. Mostly rotten, I think.. Firewood for winter anyway.

another view of the previous pile

Back of shop (east face)

Shop door

Shop front door, North face

Bathtub! (I’ve already got plans for an outdoor tub by the creek.. In the meantime, this might work near the house..

Another wood pile. Dubious quality.. May still be good.

Some sort of a winching system.. Who knows what that’s for.

Back of shop again.

Can’t remember what this was, but it warranted a photo..

Old wood stove, Not Serviceable, but probably useful for burning in the yard or something.. Decoration at least.

Some really funky lawnmower contraption.. Snowblower?? And more junk. Flamable though..

Back end of Massey Ferguson

Sailboat.. I’m guessing, 15 or 20′. Mast and sail are in the shop.

Massey Ferguson Tractor.. condition unknown. Also, the old oil tank.

Back view of wooden soffets and tarping on the side of the house.. This is the east face.. Totally tarped. Condition under unknown, but suspect it’s bad.. This was the same side of the house that’s rotten..

Back (east) door to the ‘summer kitchen’ More likely a mud room and wood storge.. Maybe a shower for the dogs??

Another view of that.

East face with tarping.. South face of summer kitchen.

Summer kitchen south face.


Summer kitchen with the “front” door, and siding on the south side of the main house.

Front of the house, with half of the “Lunenburg Bump” front entry way showing on the left.

Lunenburg Bump

Front of house from the North side. Roof doesn’t look all that bad up there.


North Side window

Under the North side of the house.. Closest beam looks somewhat janky.. Probably needs replacing.

Another window. Condition typical of all..

North side skirting falling off. Needs replacing before winter.

View from outside to INSIDE from the crawlspace access.. Needs attention before winter.

Sorry, blurry.. Beam construction underneath the house.

Close up of the side of the house from the doorway of the crawlspace access.. This whole thing needs to b torn off.. Board right in the middle is the sill that needs replacing.. I think, maybe an 8×8″ beam would do it, or possibly an engineered beam of the same dimensions..

backed up a bit in the access, cinder block wall collapsing, needs cement and rebuilding..

Pond next door has been beaver dammed..