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So, this happened last week. After several days of the transmission getting progressively more cranky, it completely gave up on me as I tried to limp it down to Knoxville for repairs.

This is one of the downsides of life in an RV. The old #96bounder has been down for a week, and though I’m thankful to have had a week in the dorms as @arrowmont_school, and the start of another week of accommodation with my people here in Knoxville, being out of house and home seriously impacts what little sense of normalcy I have when I’m on the road.

As you’ll see in the next post, leaving your belongings in the care of others is not always a wise idea. — #RVLiving #RVLife #Full-TimeRV #SoloTravel #LifeOnTheRoad #RVRepairs #TransmissionFailure

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