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Today’s product. The finished door handle. JD suggested that I might have enough material to put a scroll at either end (much to my chagrin–The material was pretty thin and once you start moving it around, you’re pretty much assured to wreck it if you don’t do the scroll right.) The idea, however, was a good one. Once the suggestion was made, I had to rise to the challenge.
After that was done I dug out an old grinder that I’ve never tried, but dragged across the entire continent to use at some point. Hit this with a wire wheel to polish it up a little bit.

I decided to install this with brass screws to protect The aluminum screen door from damage if it gets pulled too hard. Once I have the screws I will drill the holes and install it.
I’m pretty pleased with the result, what do you think? – – – #DoorHandle #forged #BlacksmithMade #Blacksmith #Blacksmithing #DIY #RVDIY #RVLiving #Full-TimeRV

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