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Today’s project was a handle for the screen door on the #96bounder.
Most of the forged product you see on YouTube and here on Instagram are featured in a stream of seemingly perfect final products. I wanted to show the trial and error process that I went through to get this handle right today.

The abomination on the left was my first attempt. I had an idea of how I wanted to approach the various bends and the twist, But in the end I think I just got them in the wrong order and things went awry.

The second attempt, shown on the right, I’m much happier with. I’ll grind them down tomorrow, to shorten them up a little, and to clean up some marks from my poor hammer control, and to ensure that they are both the same shape. Otherwise though, I’m really pleased with the result.

Since I bought the #RV i’ve been continually irritated by the lack of safe pulling options to get the door shut. Most result in serious risk of smashing fingers in the door jam! Hopefully this should fix the issue. – – – #Blacksmith #Blacksmithing #Forged #win #Fail #Who cares #Learning #RVLife #RVLiving #FullTimeRV #RVBling #rvhacks #RVDIY #MakeSomething

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