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You probably wouldn’t have noticed in the close-ups of the drawer divider build, but there was a wooden work table under the mitre box. I built that last week as well, just to have something I could use to work outside with.
The way the external storage bins are set up on the #96bounder leaves me with very little room under the canopy for large objects like a table. Much like the drawer divider, most commercial tables wouldn’t fit in the bin where I wanted this to live.
Against my better judgment, and because I just wanted something quick and dirty for the time being, I used the $25 [cheap Chinese junk] table leg kit from Lowe’s. They do well to make a table, but they make for a wobbly work surface. All the same they fulfill my need for a flat surface outside for the moment. I have a few ideas on what I would do differently next time, so when this one wears out it’s welcome I’ll build something a little more permanent. .

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