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I’ve been putting a fair bit of effort in to surrounding myself with French language media and conversation as I begin the learning process.  While I’m still quite hopelessly lost with conversational French, the sounds are becoming more familiar and some vocabulary is starting to stick…  Bateau, ciseau..   :)

Having popped down to the US to see some family over the Christmas break has somewhat short-circuited this habit though, so now that the festivities are complete, I’ve repaired to a cafe to soak my ears in my French only Spotify playlist.  In researching some new songs and artists to grow the list today, I came across this Wikipedia entry about Wade Hemsworth, the composer of an old Canadian Favourite, The Log Driver’s Waltz, and I was pleased to learn that there’s even a French version, translated by Philippe Tatartcheff that’s just as beautiful as the English one that you may well know, and will most certainly love!

And as youtube does so well, it was followed up shortly by this beauty from Félix Leclerc:

For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing the other version of The Log Driver’s Waltz:

And as an added bonus, we’ll finish off with another Wade Hemsworth tune about yet another very Canadian tradition..  The Black Fly

I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season filled with good food, and your favourite people. You, my favourite people, scattered about this beautiful globe were here with me in spirit and in my thoughts.  Be well friends!   –J