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I’ve just had a great facebook discussion with a bunch of old buddies from back in my college days, and these two videos surfaced.   Thankfully I haven’t been pictured doing anything incredibly stupid.   I can’t say the same for others..

Some of the crew got lit up and went parasailing in Mexico.  When they returned they bought a surplus military parachute and waited for a day that was colder than -40ºC (which also happens to be about -40ºF for you Amerikafolk).

Then there was a day of motorcycle ridiculousness out on the farm.  Again, (and thankfully), I was really new to motorcycles and aside from a brief helmet-free cameo, most of the stupidity was undertaken by others.

Thanks to @EdmontonPaul for posting these reminders of the sheer amount of luck we used up as youngfolk. And thanks to the rest of you for making those some pretty incredible days.