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Apple’s iWork kept asking me to register, and even after I did, it continued to pester me.. Read on for the solution!

I use an admittedly old version of Apple’s iWork on occasion to make documents that need to be pretty. It’s got some really elegant layouts and makes use of unique fonts that Microsoft’s Office package just can’t compete with. I’ve always found that Office creates documents that have a clunky, designed-by-a-12-year-old feel to them. They work, but they’re not nice to look at.

Somehow with a recent reinstall on top of OSX Yosemite, the iWork package wouldn’t take the hint that I didn’t want to register, and kept pestering me even after I capitulated and fed it my standard registration email address (

Turns out others have had this problem too, and I found this thread on StackExchange relating to the issue. The solution is pretty simple, but the proper step is tucked down at the bottom of the page, and you’d miss it if you don’t read all the way down.

Disable the registration dialog:

  1. Open (this should be in the /Applications/Utilities folder)
  2. Type the following:
     sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ RegistrationHasBeenSent true
  3. Enter your password (your account will need to be an administrator of the computer)

How this works:

Sudo allows the computer to act as an administrator for this session alone.

Defaults is a little utility that lets you edit .plist files (or .iwork09 if that’s what you’re using) is a .plist or Property List file that is built in XML and stores application specific data like RegistrationHasBeenSent. We just set that to true and tricked the computer into believing that it doesn’t need the information any longer!

Presumably (According to Mark) this works on iWork ’09, and I’ve confirmed it also works on iWork ’08 (at least on my machine). Let me know if it works for you on these or other versions, or if it just doesn’t!