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So, I reopened my copy of Firefox this evening to find that they’d done one of their background updates. I’ve trusted Mozilla to have my best interest at heart for the most part (and for countless years), but frankly I was a bit surprised by their announcement that they’ve blatantly modified settings that I as a user have already set up in my software.

It’s been so long since I’ve actually had to modify the search settings in Firefox that I had to do a little YahGoogling to figure out how to re-brain my lobotomized search capabilities.

Yahoo Search Screen Shot

Mozilla changes Firefox default search engine to Yahoo without user input.

Naturally, the first search result is completely useless to actually solve the problem, but luckily, c-net has posted a simple tutorial here to help you get your Goo-I Mean, favourite search engine back..

As an added bonus, they added a wholly redundant search box to my toolbar (which of course defaulted to yahoo).  If your browser has suffered the same fate, you may right click the toolbar and choose customize which will let you drag the search bar in to oblivion.   Hope this helps.

And Mozilla, frankly that was a dick move. Shame on you.