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As appears to be customary here on cavok, I’ve taken an extended break from writing..

Partly this is because I have a few posts backed up in the editing process, and mostly because I feel completely overwhelmed with the life I’ve chosen to date. Somehow, I haven’t learned the appropriate lessons to create balance an consistency in my life. As I get older, my resilience from the effects of disarray is steadily decreasing.

My life has always been an exercise in brinksmanship, constantly juggling new projects, commitments and obligations. This has been exacerbated by my chosen profession over the last decade and though I’ve frequently complained about it, I’ve failed to act upon the knowledge to fix the problem with any sort if plan in hand.

With the end of my tenth drilling season approaching, I’m going on record now to commit to making that change effective immediately by removing myself from the full time rotation in the field. As I transition to in-town work, I may occasionally pick up work here to achieve particular goals with the intention to completely extricate myself from the directional drilling world over the coming year.

With that in mind, over the next few weeks I will work on identifying areas to simplify my life and remove the clutter that has been clouding my creativity and diluting the efforts I’ve put in to several recent projects. I will commit to posting my thoughts on the subject and the new plan by end of month.

Commencing in mid-April I will be actively seeking Calgary based, short or long term contract work on a technology or photography related project and I would greatly appreciate any leads in that respect.

For a summary of my qualifications and areas of expertise, please see my LinkedIn profile here.

As always, I appreciate those if you who still take the time to check in here once in a while. Thank you all for your support.