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I’m gonna try and to do some really quick updates as I’m heading home.

25 May – breakfast.

As I sit in a greasy spoon waiting on my omelette, an old timer sits across from me. He’s chatting with the staff about his daughter going in in to hospice.

I’m reflecting on the conversation we had as we both entered the restaurant. About the weather. It’s bad here. I’d commented how brutal it’d been for me over the last week or so.

The hospice conversation I’d overhead has just set this trip back in context. Everything I have experienced to date has been a gift. All the wind and bugs and bitterly cold rain are my reward for experience gained and miles traveled.

This whole trip has been a gift of unbelievable intricacy that I shall surely be reaping the rewards from years to come.

This will be ever present in my mind as I make the final portion of my journey home.

25 May

Heading in to Lethbridge this afternoon, then back to Calgary. Should be home tonight. Left my Canadian SIM card somewhere along the trail so I may not have a phone for a bit once I cross the border..

Thankfully today it’s sunshiny and beautiful out.. Not at all like yesterday:

Northern Montana Storms

24 May

Stopped in Buffalo,WY to throw my gear in a dryer and have a quick feed after barely 100mi covered in the rain. It’s snowing to the west, so jellystone is out for this trip. 700 mi to go. Gonna try and push home tonight if I can stay dry and warn enough..

May 21:

Safe and sound somewhere. Russel? Sure, lets call it Russel.
Wish you were here.

May 20:

Safe and sound somewhere south of St. Louis MO.. Great ride today with a bit of rain and some craziness.. I totally overshot High Knob Campground which was my intended stop for the evening.. :( Guess I’ll have to save my visit for the next trip.. :(

May 19:

Got to Nashville last night just in time to head out and grab a bite to eat.. Changing things up from my last visit, I trusted in Trip Advisor to lead me to something cooler than the standard Broadway-Honkey-Tonk-Tourist-Traps.. I ended up at the Back Alley Diner for a bite to eat, and a few drinks and had a pretty great time hanging out with the likes of Chris & Christel, Kevin & Kim, and Miss June, who under no circumstances should ever be called “Miss” June.. Managed to do a bit of a local pub-crawl with C&C and K&K to end up the night. — Fantastic!

I’m off into the country and don’t expect to have much in the way of internet for the next few days, to don’t worry about an update for a bit! :)

Oh, also, I’ve added a little adornment to ThirstyGirl. This really ties the whole bike together.. ;)

Hula girl on an FJR 1300?  I say YES!