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So somewhere in the middle of my last post, I actually manged to sneak a trip in to see my buddy Abi in Lexington KY which, as it turns out is only about three hours away from Knoxville..  I hopped on to ThirstyGirl and headed across the state line to catch Abi for supper..  As it turns out, there’s a bit of a hilly/mountain range between the two cities and that’s always good for a little excitement when it comes to weather.   About half-way through the trip, and with the approach of some really ominous looking clouds, I figured it’d be time to suit up and get kinda waterproofed, and it was good that I did..


I also took the liberty of affixing the go-pro to the front of the bike and attempting to film what a ride in the rain looks like from a motorcyclist’s perspective.. And it’s miserable. Particularly when the four wheelers all get scared and decide to pull off the road. Any part of the road, the shoulder, the ditch, the left lane..  Imagine being pelted with rain and hail whilst those same four-wheelers tried to decide whether they wanted to pull over or just drive slow for twenty miles.. (The Nerve! Right?) Needless to say, I had a few choice words for the bulk of those drivers ahead of me..

With hands blackened from the dye in my saturated riding gloves, I arrived in to Lexington just in time to get showered (warmed up) and head out for a bite to eat.. Abi and I met her buddy Chase at one of their local favourite restaurants where I learned about a Kentucky favourite dish: The Hot Brown..   My first thought was that this thing was ‘heart attack on a plate.’  And it is, but I had to try it anyway..  Several layers of sliced meat lay atop a couple of pieces of white bread, and are then smothered in cheese, and melted in the oven.  There is a vegetarian option, but really, why would you try that? (Well, Abi did, but she lives there..)

Kentucky Hot Brown

After a good feed, a slice of pie, and a drive out to Versailles (Pronounced Ver-Sails by the locals) to see the castle I turned in for the night..  The next day after a quick lunch and visit, I headed back for Knoxville and a good night’s sleep.  This was just a quick trip, so mostly interstate freeways, but it was incredibly pretty territory nonetheless; unfortunately, I was pretty tired from the previous day in the rain and had to pull over to take a quick nap.

Remind me some time to tell you about the fire engine and the ambulance showing up…

Knoxville to Lexington Map:

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