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Last night in Nashville was a bit of a bust, and frankly kind of a downer.. I made the decision to splurge a bit and stay downtown, but by the time I got showered and a load of laundry finished, pretty much everything was shut down, and there was very little to do but drink. All the bars were open, but it turned out to be a total dude-fest. There were no women in any of the places (save the servers) anywhere in the going-out district.. It was kinda weird. I ended up chatting with a couple of gents that work the rigs down in Texas.. Figures, I drive 2500 miles to meet other people in Oil and Gas..

I’d thought about spending the day in town but frankly, I just wanted to leave in the morning, so I hopped on ThirstyGirl and headed out to see A&R’s place just out of Knoxville. I was really looking forward to that, and it turned out to be a great decision because the whole area is stunningly beautiful.

The city of Knoxville has a really great collection of old brick buildings that have been maintained and preserved really well. They make up a fairly large walking district full of restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. Oh, and architecture firms.. It’s really a great place to walk around. The university campus takes up a fair chunk of the downtown footprint, along with a few sports arenas/stadiums too and to me at least, gives the town a young-happenin’ vibe..

Whilst out at A&R’s place, I managed to just totally decompress, both from the long ride behind me, and the last year and a half of work. We managed to get a few projects done around the yard of the acreage, mostly clearing and burning of brush piles which seemed daunting at first, but really ended up not too bad at all. Therapeutic even..

1/3 Done

1/3 Done

98% Done..

98% Done..

The property featured an outhouse (another two-seater.. go figure!) which the original occupant of the house built because, if you can believe it, he’d never had indoor plumbing before, and couldn’t bring himself to do his business inside the house. It’s been standing for at least fourty years, and really needed to come down to make way for.. yep, the chicken coup!


Outhouse seats
And the new coup: Half finished.. These chickens are gonna live in style, lemme tell you. :) That’s real house siding around the outside, and just wait ’till you see the interior..

Chicken Coup 1/2 done


We decided to use some left over click together hardwood for the flooring..

High end chickens


And then kept going..

Hardwood Chicken Coup flooring

Sometimes, it’s just tough to know when to stop! :)

The nearly finished coup as I left it.. (work will continue in my absence–Life goes on!)

Things on the finishing list:

  • Shore up roof, add front peak, tar-paper and shingle it.
  • Build chicken box
  • Build Chicken door
  • Build mesh chicken run out the back
  • Plexi-glass window for the door
  • Chickenwire the window

Nearly finished chicken coup

The best part of this project is that we used left-over and previously used building materials for almost the entire building.  Stuff that would have otherwise gone to waste.  The only new materials we used were three sheets of plywood (for the roof, chicken roosting box and chicken door, about 6 – 2×4’s, some extra trim and a screen for the large window. Oh, and chicken wire, we’ll need that too!