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So, nothing much to report for today. John and I made a trip to Rural King for supplies and made a discovery.. It used to be that you couldn’t buy Robertson screws here in the States. They’re by far the best screws for any wood working project or chores that require you to use a drill or one hand to drive the screws.. At any rate, they have’em here now, though they’re called “Square Drive”.. Trust the creators of Freedom Fries to rename such a quintessential Canadian invention.

After supplies were bought, we hung up a couple of shower curtain rods, and ate our Jimmy John’s samiches out on the deck with some of Kate’s family. All in all, a wonderful day!

Somehow, it appears that I’ve enjoyed the sunshine a bit too much. I mean, who spends an hour outside without sunscreen?

Sunburn self portrait..
(also, this is a very rare bathroom-self-portrait, please don’t get used to it! ;)