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If you’ve already read yesterday’s post, you may want to go back and read it again, I’ve added a few photos from the ride down.

Today I spent the day in St. Louis with John and Kate to go take a ride up inside the arch….


You read that right: INSIDE!!! How cool is that? For all my life I’d thought the arch was made of solid concrete. Turns out it’s made of stainless steel (at least on the outside).


Inside the arch is actually quite hollow. Enough so that a single (very cramped) tram/elevator travels up and down inside each of the north and south legs.

The four minute ride puts groups of 40 people (split up into pods of five) at the apex where small rectangular portals provide a view of downtown St. Louis and the Mississippi river.


We had talked a about doing sushi for supper but ended up opting instead to head directly for a honest to goodness fish fry-up being held at the church where John and Kate were married. Until now, I’d never eaten catfish I’d enjoyed; this stuff though was heavenly!

Tomorrow, Johnny has promised that they’ll take me to Jimmy Johns for a sangwhich that’ll change my life.

So looking forward to that!