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Another late start.. Could. Not. Wake. UP! Dunno why, but I had a heck of a time getting out of bed despite a really reasonable sleep. I think the wind just beat me that badly the day before..

Not much in the way of news to report, more cool weather today in the morning, but by the time I got to Omaha NB, it was shorts and teeshirt weather! Fan-freakin’-tastic! The last couple of states I’ve been through have no apparent helmet laws and everywhere I go, there are motorcyclists sans-lids and I’m astounded they can even manage given the thick coating of smashed bugs on my own visor and windshield. As much as I love to ride without a helmet, I’ve no desire to do it here for sure!

A couple of shots from Sioux City Iowa, where I stopped for a peek on my way through. They’ve got a historic district full of beautiful old buildings that beg another visit. It was pretty quiet people-wise though so I decided to continue on to Omaha..
Self Portrait - Sioux City Iowa

A neat ol' battery shop in Sioux City Iowa

Just watching the weather channel right now as I listen to deep distant rolling thunder.. It appears that I’m headed directly into high likelihood of tornadoes and thundershowers tomorrow.. Though Kansas City is gonna be close to 80 degrees F! (Bring on the heat!)

Again, it’s super-late and I’m behind on my email.. I’ll answer that tomorrow and perhaps tell a few more stories about the Omaha-Council Bluffs rivalry and grass between my toes.. G’nite!

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