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Well, it didn’t feel like a trip through Scotland, but it seems that there may have been more than one bekilted settler around these parts at some point in the past. Regardless, there definitely is some pretty countryside between the towns of Glasgow MT and Aberdeen South Dakota.

Best burger EVER!The morning, as is my custom, started off pretty slow. I woke up late, and took my time getting ready. On my way out, the hotel staff recommended I stop at Bergie’s in Nashua MT for a bite to eat.. I’m so pleased that did, this was quite possibly one of the best burgers I’ve eaten in ages. FRESH bun, incredible handmade patty, tasty but unidentifiable spices and a sauce to beat all sauces..: I could wax poetic about it for ages, but I shan’t. Instead, please be sure to stop by there if you’re in this neck of the woods!

Room for more.. Small Town Bar

Fertalizer Plant

Continuing on, (with belly full) I made my way south through some pretty incredible territory. Similar to the Badlands in Alberta, the Montana Badlands include the requisite dinosaur museums and tourist traps common to these areas..

Montana Badlands
Along with some spectacular coulees and wide open fields, there came one of the most ridiculous windstorms I’ve experienced on the bike. Since it was coming directly out of the west (I was actually riding across the weather front) it was either at my back or directly at my side. For those of you who don’t ride, a cross-wind pushes the tires of a bike out from under the rider in a lean that’s similar to high-speed cornering. A big bike like this FJR presents a pretty big target for the wind (think barn door) and some of the gusts I caught were awfully aggressive. The bike handled them with ease, but it was exhausting as a rider to continually fight the wind over this 400+ Km leg..

I had an interesting encounter with an old Indian man who called himself Low Bear, on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.. He and another man approached me to chat whilst I fueled ThirstyGirl and had a quick snack of chicken wings..

We spoke of his travels to visit family up in Canada, and his love of the Rocky Mountains (and fear of bears of all things!). Toward the end of our conversation, he shook my hand and without letting go, sang me a traditional song for travelers.. It was one of the most touching experiences I’ve had in my travels to date.

I stopped here shortly after that encounter to collect my thoughts and look over the valley below.
My first sunset stop

And, as promised, the movie (I’m disgusted with the video quality) of what my sunset sounded like.. If you squint, it might just look normal.. :)

And Today’s map

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