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Well, this feels a little more normal.  Somehow traveling brings out my inner blogger.

This morning I finally got a chance to wear my brand new Christmas socks (thanks Tash!)..  I’ve been working like crazy since January and didn’t want to waste perfectly good smart wool on greasy work boots!

At any rate, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been resting on my traveler laurels over the last few years, and made a decision to fix that pronto.  Last year I started looking for a sport-touring bike but couldn’t quite swallow the $20,000 price tag for a new one.  Afterall, living up in the north-country our riding season isn’t nearly long enough to justify that sort of expense on a mere toy..

As luck would have it, a good buddy happened to have one used just hanging out in his garage this winter, and we struck a deal to make it mine-own!  Over the last week I’ve been jonesing to get out on a longer ride, but I was thwarted by snow as last week was drawing to a close.

I couldn’t wait. This morning , despite reports of sub-freezing temperatures (the weather network lies!) I headed out the door and made my way to Medicine Hat, AB with the intent to make my way down to visit friends in the US and find a bit of sunshine.

I’ve left the big cameras at home and instead brought a little point ‘n shoot, and a GoPro video camera.  I’ve yet to figure out whether I’ll even use the camera, but I think once it’s a little less chilly out, I’ll be more inclined to mess with mounting the camera on the bike.. At any rate, thought I’d include a quick snapshot of me with the as of yet unnamed bike (Though ThirstyGirl has become her nickname for the time being on account of her penchant for expensive fuel..)  More to follow!


Oh, also, those socks, they’re AWESOME!