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This morning began with a frosty windshield and very little in the way I excitement which, frankly, suited me just fine given the inches of gravel piled and spread about the city of medicine hat.

Spring Roads in Saskatchewan 2

Where I'd been..

From Med Hat to Moose Jaw the sides of the road were awfully snowy, and the road surface itself was covered with what I can only guess was a layer of salt from the last snowfall.. It had the appearance of frost though and despite fantastic traction from both of my tyres, each corner I did ride was cause for a teensy bit of concern.. :)

Spring Roads in Saskatchewan.

Where I was headed..

Contrary to what you’d might expect, riding at near freezing temperatures isn’t actually that uncomfortable if you’re geared up right. I did tend to notice where my riding gear let a bit of a draft in, but overall, until my hands started sweating a bit in my winter riding gloves, I was completely comfortable.

Still trying to figure out where my fuel stops should be for this bike I nearly ran out of gas twice this afternoon. That this bike only drinks premium gasoline complicates things a bit as I’ve been accustomed to stopping at whichever town happened to be at the end of my range. Turns out, small towns in Saskatchewan don’t actually carry premium fuel. –first world problems.

Moving forward, I’d intended to cross the border in to North Dakota (at a 24hr. border checkpoint) however through some colossal navigational error on my part (possibly precipitated by my overriding concern about being stranded without fuel on a lonely prairie highway), I ended up backtracking west toward Montana again. Right about the white dot south of Regina on the (larger) map below is where things all went pear shaped.

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Though I lost several hours in travel time, the drive itself was beautiful.. I had a feeling like I should have dug out the video camera to capture some of the really beautiful territory I’d covered, but I figured screw-it, if you’d really wanted to see that, you’d be here with me. Right?

A few photos will have to suffice if you’d like to have been there, but weren’t invited.. ;0)

Borderlands 2

Shades of things to come


A good place to open 'er up!

So, with ears ringing from music too loud and incredible wind noise, the end of the day found me in the town of Glasgow MT, which bears little resemblance to its Scottish namesake. It does however have a similar feel to many of the small towns I’ve worked in over the past years, namely that it’s full of dudes in workboots. Seriously, I’ve only seen one pretty girl here the whole evening. If I needed an excuse to di-di on out of here in the morning, that’s it!

And with that, I’m heading to bed to get an early start. One thing I will say for Glascow Montana, it’s beautifully quiet at night, and the weather has warmed up to a point where I actually want to sleep with my window open.. So, really, it ain’t all that bad. :)