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Oi Vey. It’s been ages since I updated. Somehow when this blog was a journal, and I had to update everything by coding HTML in a text editor it seemed like more of a worthwhile effort to add posts.

I’ve made a few changes recently, figured it’d be worth an bit of a catch up for y’all now.. The rest of the Montreal trip was a success for what it’s worth. Found my phone after a $100 cab ride, an afternoon out and around town and meeting some interesting characters.. Overall, Montreal, WELL worth a visit.

The last 6 months of 2011 were a bit tumultuous to say the least. Working out in the field has been a constant struggle since I started, but after training a few ‘kids’ that were ten years my junior I’ve realized that I really haven’t been pushing myself to progress in what amounts to the longest career I’ve had to date..

So, in that mind, I made a switch to work for a new company in October of last year with the expectation that I would be able to train in a new job. Unfortunately, in the last quarter of 2011 I only ended up working about eleven days.. Although I managed to get a lot of work done around the house, this wasn’t sustainable or fulfilling from a career perspective.

Just after Christmas with the family, I arranged a meeting with a company I contracted to back in 2008 and made an agreement to head back out in to the field with them to train in a new and much more challenging capacity.

For the latter half of January I’ve been out on a job, and so far, though I feel like I’m totally getting my butt kicked, I’m enjoying the new role. It’ll take some time but this new skill set will eventually allow me to control my time between work and home a lot better, and also allow me to live and to some extent work anywhere in the world, rather than being solely based in Calgary, and limited to work in Western Canada. This is the first step in a much larger plan and I’m really excited to finally feel the momentum again.

Photography, sadly has taken a backseat to pretty much everything else these days. Most of the photos I’ve taken recently have been shot with an iPhone and I’ve contemplated the complete liquidation of my camera collection on several occasions. I’ve managed to inherit about 12,000 of my Uncle’s photographic slides though, and as I begin to wade through those to archive them, I suspect I’ll find the desire to start making my own again.

In the last year or so it also seems as though I’ve also lost touch with a number of important people in my life. Much of this is frankly because I’ve had little energy to make the effort to reach out to people. To those of you who have kept in touch, I’m eternally grateful, and to those of you who I’ve sadly lost, I guess we both need to make a bit more effort!

Finally, this site. As always, my interest in updating ebbs and flows. As I’m learning this new job and traveling in to new territory, I’m sure I’ll have something to say.. For those of you that still check in once in a while, thanks!