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I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of working with an incredible bunch of people on a project in Saskatchewan over the last nine or ten months and though the winter was brutally cold, and just plain miserable on the open prairie, working with good people made it pass quickly.

As the spring ended and the beginning of summer drilling season began, I started to really enjoy my drive out to Kindersley. As much as we poke fun at Saskatchewan for being flat and boring, it’s actually quite beautiful once the fields begin to turn green and the rain rejuvenates the myriad of ponds and sloughs that pepper the countryside and accentuates the superb sunrises and sets with some truly awe inspiring reflections.

Over the past few months I’ve been struggling to rekindle my love of photography, something that died a little when I was doing it full-time and professionally.. I managed to sneak out to catch a few photos at sunset while working south of Plenty. Undeterred by squadrons of hungry mosquitoes, I managed to get a great walk in just north of the rig and a few photos to share with you..

Seriously, I wasn't kidding about those mosquitoes..

Farm Equipment south of Plenty, SK

Morris in the sun..

Prairie jetsam (note, this was NOT from the rig in the next photo..)

Savannah 441 drilling in the sunset