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Well. I’ve been in renovation limbo for the last few weeks. With the help of my buddy Martin, the basement has been almost completely gutted. My buddy Matty is flying in from Vancouver tonight to give me a hand with framing in the unfinished bits.

A few iPhone photos of the destruction for you:


A 1940’s era Herr Hitler Dartboard.  The boys used it to practice throwing knives..



Martin made this pile from the walls that used to grace my walls..


Lucky find, this 6×6 post was a main support beam on the west side of the house. It was completely rotten save a 1″x1″ corner..  I’ve replaced this with a new steel telescopic post.


Martin and the refuse..  The part that breaks my heart about this is we’ve thrown away THAT much wood and potentially recyclable refuse..  The Calgary city dump is archaic and doesn’t even bother separating different types of refuse.


20110517-134310.jpg 20110517-133826.jpg

The NFurno, Dehydrator 9000 low-boy furnace, circa 1960’s


The heat exchanger of this delightfully inefficient furnace..

Walls and plumbing will follow..