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Well.. I’m back again. 2010, as with 2009 was a tumultuous year, and I’m grateful to see the back of it.  After the VonBonbon shoot, I’ve done very little in the way of photography and temporarily taken a step back from the photo-gig to focus on getting some other facets of my life in order.   To that end, I’ve headed back out to my pre-photographic job for a while to get some extra income to finance my personal goals.

I’ve taken with me a lot of lessons from my first year in business, much of which I may or may not expand on here in the future. The short story is that I’ve realized how little I actually want to shoot weddings.  Zero interest. None. It seems though, that in the city of Calgary, weddings and family photos are in high demand and to be frank, I much prefer shooting machinery and individual portraits.

You may have noticed that I’ve made a few changes to the website.  This will be an ongoing process as I try to find the right style in the next few months. I’ve also got a few different mobile options for updating that should make posting much easier in the future.  All this, hopefully means that you’ll have more fodder shortly..

For those of you still hanging in here, thank you.  For anyone new whose stumbled across this site, welcome!