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I’ve been pretty quiet (read: absent) on the blog since my return from Seattle, so I suppose I should do a quick synopsis for posterity.

Seattle was in a word, incredible.  The chance to learn from Zack Arias was a huge boost to my knowledge in studio lighting, an area of my knowledge I felt needed some development.   Generally I shoot what I see, setting up and orchestrating a photo is still a bit foreign but is becoming a lot more intuitive.  Zack, his family, and his staff were an incredible bunch of people, down to earth and incredibly talented the lot.

CreativeLive is a project that I’m awfully grateful for as well..  I wasn’t sure what to think about it when I first saw the advertisements, but after seeing the incredible amount of work they put in to their broadcasts, I’m humbled.  Their constant goal is focused around improvement of the programming they’re delivering, and ensuring that as many people as possible have access to to it.  Their commitment to the community is commendable.

Chase Jarvis is a key figure in driving the CreativeLive events, and makes an appearance whenever possible.  As with everybody else at the event Chase, his wife, and staff are as with Zack’s crew just an all-around wonderful bunch of people.

Humble.   If I’ve taken anything away from this experience it’s that you don’t actually have to be the arrogant-jerk to succeed.  Prior to my trip, I was beginning to wonder..

While we’re discussing the people involved, I’d be remiss if I didn’t introduce you to my fellow classmates.  Another group of wonderfully inclusive and incredibly talented people.  Well worth checking out if you need a photographer in their areas of operation too… :)

Aileen Reilly:
Eric Krebs:
Jeramie Shoda:
Nicholas Lopez:
Rachel Thurston:
Wilfredo Valle:

So..  I did a lot of learning with the crew, but didn’t actually do that much photography of note during the sessions..   I’ll include a few images here just for kicks..