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So the shiny new Apple iPad has been released.  Sorta.

iPad Disclaimer

This message appears at the tail end of a video trailer from Apple describing the wonders of their new product and in an rather anticlimactic close suggests that FCC approval for the device isn’t quite in place yet.  As a customer (or potential customer) this felt like a bit of a buzz kill, right after a drinking the big-gulp sized cup of Apple hype.  From a business perspective however, it makes complete sense. I mean, really, is there anyone out there that believes they won’t get the approval?  Sometimes it’s better to get the momentum started and worry about the finishing details later.

By odd coincidence, as the announcement came through this morning, I was watching this video presentation by Seth Godin on the merits of shipping, getting your product to market, and fast.  His commentary on productivity revolves around hashing out details in the beginning of your product development and then rejecting the impulses of what he calls “the lizard brain”, the little voice in our heads that resists success in the long term.

In essence, he’s describing the concept followed by countless successful companies and entrepreneurs which is, ship, then bug fix. Perfection it seems, is a long lost concept.   As a company this makes you more marketable (not to mention solvent) but is it good for clients to receive an imperfect product for their hard earned dollars?  Or do they even care?  What do you think?