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Last fall, after a late frost ruined all of the fruit on two apple trees in my back yard, I made the decision to leave it all as fodder for the birds this winter.   Much to my chagrin, the squirrels are the only creatures that have been making use of the offering and mostly that’s been happening over the last month or so.  We haven’t had a particularly hard winter, but I suspect that the more palatable winter food has been consumed and now these little vermin are having to settle..

I’ll be clear that these little creatures are vermin, and a nuisance, they’ve chewed through more than one important bit of the house, and make a habit of skittering along the stucco outside my bedroom at ungodly hours of the morning. I yell at them, shake my fists, and even pound on the walls  on occasion, but I must admit it’s difficult to NOT enjoy watching them scamper through the snow and scurry up the trees to pick fruit nearly the same size as their little carcasses.

I caught this little guy the other day camped out on a sunny window sill and quite enjoying his meal (until I came along that is..)