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In the beginning of September I posted a note about the youth photo initiative that I’ll be running in conjunction with the Calgary board of education and the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary..

The first few weeks have gone very well, and we’ve managed to select approximately ten students to complete the for-credit program. During the last class we discussed some of the current events that students felt strongly about, and in the end the group agreed to focus on the community of Bowness here in Calgary, which is an incredibly diverse and (dare I say) unique community. Given said diversity, this will prove to be an interesting project as time goes on!

With the help of Jim at The Camera Store, we sent requests to several camera manufacturers to sponsor the program with equipment.   Unfortunately the requests were not met favorably and as a result the school will have to purchase the cameras outright.  I’d really like to give a plug to The Camera Store and particularly Jim for being so supportive of Boys and Girls Club programs. They’ve helped on a few projects already and their commitment to helping the community should not go unnoticed!

I’ve sent the students out with the following homework and next week (if all goes according to plan) we should begin to actually work with cameras..

  • (Current Events) Bring in 2 articles (or pieces of writing)
    • Be prepared to talk about what they mean to you.
  • (Observation)Find two outside objects and visit them on at least four occasions in one day: Morning, Mid-Day, Evening (sunset), Night
  • Record your observations
    • Shadows
    • Colours
    • Texture
    • Contrast

Now I’ll have to get myself out to do some homework too; I must admit, it’s kinda fun to be back in school! :)