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In response to a request for gallery content I’ll be assembling a couple of different photo series’ in the next month or two..  I welcome comments, suggestions or any other input.

  1. Belly Buttons
    • After an interesting exercise at the Leadership Calgary opening retreat, I’d like to explore Belly Buttons, an anatomical feature that everybody on this earth shares. My intention is to explore the similarities and differences of said BB’s to highlight our common origins.
    • Please send me an email if you’d like your navel featured in this exhibit.
  2. Garbage
    • I was asked to exhibit a series of photographs at a local cafe in November and in doing so, I’ve decided to capture some of what we throw away and the places the garbage inevitably ends up..   I’d like to use this to encourage people to consider the impact of their Christmas purchases this year, and in the future.
    • As with the belly-buttons, if you’d like to take part in this, please let me know..