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I’ve been asked to build and deliver a 12-week photography training course for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary and the Calgary Board of Education, Start Outreach High School, and yesterday we had a very positive initial meeting to discuss the logistics of such a course.  Needless to say, I’m extremely excited by the possibilities this project will present over the coming months as both organizations are really open to new ideas and encouraging the students to explore.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary provide a dizzying array of programs for Calgary youth to provide them with a caring and safe environment in which they can grow and learn.  I’ve worked with them on a few different occasions and I’m chuffed to be working with them again!

Start Outreach provides high school students with a self-paced learning environment that allows them with the flexibility to complete their high school studies without the typical constraints of a traditional school. As we discussed their philosophies and learning structure I couldn’t help but think that I wish this sort of thing was around while I was still in school.   I’m really looking forward to working with them on this project as well!

The project itself is just in the planning stages at the moment so I’ll provide more detail on how the program will run later. It will be open to students at the Start Outreach High School in Bowness, with additional spots available to students at other CBE Outreach schools if we have space available.