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After nearly ten years of online journaling and an eight month hiatus, I’ve returned with a new sense of purpose.  Much has transpired in the first half of 2009 including a complete dump in the economy, the finishing of my home renovations and a critical shift in my views of this world..  I still subscribe to the theory that Blue Skies are a State of Mind however, I believe that we must now more than ever take an active roll in ensuring that this is so.

I have shifted my career focus as well, and begun to service my photographic clients on a full-time basis now.  In the past, work always managed to get in the way of getting out to play photographer.  I’ve formed a new division in my company called Dromedary Photography with a focus on providing photographic services to environmentally and socially responsible clients and will be working diligently to build my client base.

Also, I will be participating in Leadership Calgary in the coming months and this will provide much fodder for the mind and soul, all of which I’ll gladly share with you.

I should also like to note that I’ve set this blog up using the Green-Apples theme from for the sake of efficiency in getting this back up and running.  I like the simplicity of the template, but the code that makes it so is nowhere near as friendly so the look  may change from time to time until I have sorted out a design I can live with.   Please feel free to comment on the changes as you see them!

So, in closing, to those of you who’ve supported CAVOK in the past years I’d like to offer a warm welcome back, and to those of you who’re new to CAVOK, please sit down, hang on and enjoy the ride!  — Jordan