As I sit here reply­ing to mes­sages and prepar­ing my list of activ­i­ties (chores) for the day, I came across this video I’d sent to a friend in Octo­ber. It struck a chord with me then, and even more now as I look over a grove of trees through which the sun is shin­ing and the wind is gen­tly blow­ing. I’m reflect­ing on the last sev­er­al weeks on the road. I’m so tru­ly grate­ful for the oppor­tu­ni­ties I’ve had that enable this sort of trip in the first place. I’m over­joyed by the con­nec­tions I’ve made with peo­ple I’d nev­er ordi­nar­i­ly meet. I’m awed by the incred­i­ble diver­si­ty in land­scape and cul­ture I’ve expe­ri­enced, and dou­bly awed by the incred­i­ble sin­cer­i­ty and kind­ness of each indi­vid­ual I’ve met along the way.

One thing that makes me a bit sour is that I’ve done very lit­tle in the way of updates here; in fact, you still need to hear about the trip with Chris­tianne, and the trip to Geor­gia, North and South Car­oli­na before that, a bar called Cry­ba­bies and the hor­ror of Hilton Head island. I’ve been feel­ing a bit guilty about not updat­ing but truth­ful­ly, it takes a great deal of time to com­pose each of my posts, and I sim­ply run out of time each and every day I’m here and I’m quite con­tent to just enjoy each day so the updates may just con­tin­ue to be sparse..

Some days here are spent doing absolute­ly noth­ing, and oth­ers are filled with chores and excite­ment, either way, they dis­ap­pear so unbe­liev­ably fast. That obser­va­tion serves as a reminder that life itself is just as fleet­ing and how impor­tant it is to enjoy, nay rel­ish each day of our lives. I present you with my favourite com­ment from the afore­men­tioned film.. Please enjoy both the film and your day!

You think this is just anoth­er day, in your life. It’s not just anoth­er day. It’s, the one day that is giv­en to you, today. It’s giv­en to you; it’s a gift. It’s the only gift that you have right now, and the only appro­pri­ate response is grate­ful­ness.


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Hmm. It appears that I’m in tech­nol­o­gy hell. It’s late, Pho­to­shop won’t work, I can’t charge the GoPro (which keeps con­sum­ing its bat­tery on stand­by) and that point ‘n shoot cam­era shoots REALLY hor­ri­ble video..

With that in mind I’ll upload the last video of the day (once it’s ren­dered) to give you some­thing to appre­ci­ate the beau­ty of this place.. Prob­a­bly in the morn­ing. Because it’s late. and I’m going to bed.. G’nite!

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This morn­ing began with a frosty wind­shield and very lit­tle in the way I excite­ment which, frankly, suit­ed me just fine giv­en the inch­es of grav­el piled and spread about the city of med­i­cine hat.

Spring Roads in Saskatchewan 2

Where I’d been..

From Med Hat to Moose Jaw the sides of the road were awful­ly snowy, and the road sur­face itself was cov­ered with what I can only guess was a lay­er of salt from the last snow­fall.. It had the appear­ance of frost though and despite fan­tas­tic trac­tion from both of my tyres, each cor­ner I did ride was cause for a teen­sy bit of con­cern.. :)

Spring Roads in Saskatchewan.

Where I was head­ed..

Con­trary to what you’d might expect, rid­ing at near freez­ing tem­per­a­tures isn’t actu­al­ly that uncom­fort­able if you’re geared up right. I did tend to notice where my rid­ing gear let a bit of a draft in, but over­all, until my hands start­ed sweat­ing a bit in my win­ter rid­ing gloves, I was com­plete­ly com­fort­able.

Still try­ing to fig­ure out where my fuel stops should be for this bike I near­ly ran out of gas twice this after­noon. That this bike only drinks pre­mi­um gaso­line com­pli­cates things a bit as I’ve been accus­tomed to stop­ping at whichev­er town hap­pened to be at the end of my range. Turns out, small towns in Saskatchewan don’t actu­al­ly car­ry pre­mi­um fuel. –first world prob­lems.

Mov­ing for­ward, I’d intend­ed to cross the bor­der in to North Dako­ta (at a 24hr. bor­der check­point) how­ev­er through some colos­sal nav­i­ga­tion­al error on my part (pos­si­bly pre­cip­i­tat­ed by my over­rid­ing con­cern about being strand­ed with­out fuel on a lone­ly prairie high­way), I end­ed up back­track­ing west toward Mon­tana again. Right about the white dot south of Regi­na on the (larg­er) map below is where things all went pear shaped.

View USA Trip in a larg­er map

Though I lost sev­er­al hours in trav­el time, the dri­ve itself was beau­ti­ful.. I had a feel­ing like I should have dug out the video cam­era to cap­ture some of the real­ly beau­ti­ful ter­ri­to­ry I’d cov­ered, but I fig­ured screw-it, if you’d real­ly want­ed to see that, you’d be here with me. Right?

A few pho­tos will have to suf­fice if you’d like to have been there, but weren’t invit­ed.. ;0)

Borderlands 2

Shades of things to come


A good place to open ‘er up!

So, with ears ring­ing from music too loud and incred­i­ble wind noise, the end of the day found me in the town of Glas­gow MT, which bears lit­tle resem­blance to its Scot­tish name­sake. It does how­ev­er have a sim­i­lar feel to many of the small towns I’ve worked in over the past years, name­ly that it’s full of dudes in work­boots. Seri­ous­ly, I’ve only seen one pret­ty girl here the whole evening. If I need­ed an excuse to di-di on out of here in the morn­ing, that’s it!

And with that, I’m head­ing to bed to get an ear­ly start. One thing I will say for Glas­cow Mon­tana, it’s beau­ti­ful­ly qui­et at night, and the weath­er has warmed up to a point where I actu­al­ly want to sleep with my win­dow open.. So, real­ly, it ain’t all that bad. :)

Well, it’s offi­cial! Leav­ing Cal­gary was a real­ly great idea!


And even though it’s beau­ti­ful here in Med­i­cine Hat, a lit­tle frost nev­er fails to make things excit­ing. :)


Well, this feels a lit­tle more nor­mal.  Some­how trav­el­ing brings out my inner blog­ger.

This morn­ing I final­ly got a chance to wear my brand new Christ­mas socks (thanks Tash!)..  I’ve been work­ing like crazy since Jan­u­ary and didn’t want to waste per­fect­ly good smart wool on greasy work boots!

At any rate, I’ve been feel­ing like I’ve been rest­ing on my trav­el­er lau­rels over the last few years, and made a deci­sion to fix that pron­to.  Last year I start­ed look­ing for a sport-tour­ing bike but couldn’t quite swal­low the $20,000 price tag for a new one.  After­all, liv­ing up in the north-coun­try our rid­ing sea­son isn’t near­ly long enough to jus­ti­fy that sort of expense on a mere toy..

As luck would have it, a good bud­dy hap­pened to have one used just hang­ing out in his garage this win­ter, and we struck a deal to make it mine-own!  Over the last week I’ve been jonesing to get out on a longer ride, but I was thwart­ed by snow as last week was draw­ing to a close.

I couldn’t wait. This morn­ing , despite reports of sub-freez­ing tem­per­a­tures (the weath­er net­work lies!) I head­ed out the door and made my way to Med­i­cine Hat, AB with the intent to make my way down to vis­it friends in the US and find a bit of sun­shine.

I’ve left the big cam­eras at home and instead brought a lit­tle point ‘n shoot, and a GoPro video cam­era.  I’ve yet to fig­ure out whether I’ll even use the cam­era, but I think once it’s a lit­tle less chilly out, I’ll be more inclined to mess with mount­ing the cam­era on the bike.. At any rate, thought I’d include a quick snap­shot of me with the as of yet unnamed bike (Though Thirsty­Girl has become her nick­name for the time being on account of her pen­chant for expen­sive fuel..)  More to fol­low!


Oh, also, those socks, they’re AWESOME!


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