My lit­tle girl is try­ing her paw at being a mak­er. Man­cha has tak­en to cus­tomiz­ing my cloth­ing when laun­dry is left unat­tend­ed. I wear them with that pride too.
I’ve had these cle­vis­es in my leather kit for at least a year with the inten­tion of mak­ing one of these bracelets. This one end­ed up being a bit small for me, but turned out real­ly well oth­er­wise. I’ll refine the design and repho­to­graph tomor­row..
I’ve been play­ing with leather braids today. What do you think? Over the last few weeks, I’ve been try­ing to catch up on a vari­ety of projects that need my atten­tion late­ly, but I’ve been neglect­ing my cre­ative needs.
I want to build a new col­lar of my own mak­ing for @meetmancha, but my leather work­ing skills are feel­ing pret­ty rusty. This is a wel­come re-intro­duc­tion to work­ing with such a ver­sa­tile mate­r­i­al.
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