So some­where in the mid­dle of my last post, I actu­al­ly manged to sneak a trip in to see my bud­dy Abi in Lex­ing­ton KY which, as it turns out is only about three hours away from Knoxville..  I hopped on to Thirsty­Girl and head­ed across the state line to catch Abi for sup­per..  As it turns out, there’s a bit of a hilly/mountain range between the two cities and that’s always good for a lit­tle excite­ment when it comes to weath­er.   About half-way through the trip, and with the approach of some real­ly omi­nous look­ing clouds, I fig­ured it’d be time to suit up and get kin­da water­proofed, and it was good that I did..


I also took the lib­er­ty of affix­ing the go-pro to the front of the bike and attempt­ing to film what a ride in the rain looks like from a motorcyclist’s per­spec­tive.. And it’s mis­er­able. Par­tic­u­lar­ly when the four wheel­ers all get scared and decide to pull off the road. Any part of the road, the shoul­der, the ditch, the left lane..  Imag­ine being pelt­ed with rain and hail whilst those same four-wheel­ers tried to decide whether they want­ed to pull over or just dri­ve slow for twen­ty miles.. (The Nerve! Right?) Need­less to say, I had a few choice words for the bulk of those dri­vers ahead of me..

With hands black­ened from the dye in my sat­u­rat­ed rid­ing gloves, I arrived in to Lex­ing­ton just in time to get show­ered (warmed up) and head out for a bite to eat.. Abi and I met her bud­dy Chase at one of their local favourite restau­rants where I learned about a Ken­tucky favourite dish: The Hot Brown..   My first thought was that this thing was ‘heart attack on a plate.’  And it is, but I had to try it any­way..  Sev­er­al lay­ers of sliced meat lay atop a cou­ple of pieces of white bread, and are then smoth­ered in cheese, and melt­ed in the oven.  There is a veg­e­tar­i­an option, but real­ly, why would you try that? (Well, Abi did, but she lives there..)

Kentucky Hot Brown

After a good feed, a slice of pie, and a dri­ve out to Ver­sailles (Pro­nounced Ver-Sails by the locals) to see the cas­tle I turned in for the night..  The next day after a quick lunch and vis­it, I head­ed back for Knoxville and a good night’s sleep.  This was just a quick trip, so most­ly inter­state free­ways, but it was incred­i­bly pret­ty ter­ri­to­ry nonethe­less; unfor­tu­nate­ly, I was pret­ty tired from the pre­vi­ous day in the rain and had to pull over to take a quick nap.

Remind me some time to tell you about the fire engine and the ambu­lance show­ing up…

Knoxville to Lex­ing­ton Map:

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