I’m gonna try and to do some real­ly quick updates as I’m head­ing home.

25 May — breakfast.

As I sit in a greasy spoon wait­ing on my omelette, an old timer sits across from me. He’s chat­ting with the staff about his daugh­ter going in in to hos­pice.

I’m reflect­ing on the con­ver­sa­tion we had as we both entered the restau­rant. About the weath­er. It’s bad here. I’d com­ment­ed how bru­tal it’d been for me over the last week or so.

The hos­pice con­ver­sa­tion I’d over­head has just set this trip back in con­text. Every­thing I have expe­ri­enced to date has been a gift. All the wind and bugs and bit­ter­ly cold rain are my reward for expe­ri­ence gained and miles trav­eled.

This whole trip has been a gift of unbe­liev­able intri­ca­cy that I shall sure­ly be reap­ing the rewards from years to come.

This will be ever present in my mind as I make the final por­tion of my jour­ney home.

25 May

Head­ing in to Leth­bridge this after­noon, then back to Cal­gary. Should be home tonight. Left my Cana­di­an SIM card some­where along the trail so I may not have a phone for a bit once I cross the bor­der..

Thank­ful­ly today it’s sun­shiny and beau­ti­ful out.. Not at all like yes­ter­day:

Northern Montana Storms

24 May

Stopped in Buffalo,WY to throw my gear in a dry­er and have a quick feed after bare­ly 100mi cov­ered in the rain. It’s snow­ing to the west, so jelly­stone is out for this trip. 700 mi to go. Gonna try and push home tonight if I can stay dry and warn enough..

May 21:

Safe and sound some­where. Rus­sel? Sure, lets call it Rus­sel.
Wish you were here.

May 20:

Safe and sound some­where south of St. Louis MO.. Great ride today with a bit of rain and some crazi­ness.. I total­ly over­shot High Knob Camp­ground which was my intend­ed stop for the evening.. :( Guess I’ll have to save my vis­it for the next trip.. :(

May 19:

Got to Nashville last night just in time to head out and grab a bite to eat.. Chang­ing things up from my last vis­it, I trust­ed in Trip Advi­sor to lead me to some­thing cool­er than the stan­dard Broad­way-Hon­key-Tonk-Tourist-Traps.. I end­ed up at the Back Alley Din­er for a bite to eat, and a few drinks and had a pret­ty great time hang­ing out with the likes of Chris & Chris­tel, Kevin & Kim, and Miss June, who under no cir­cum­stances should ever be called “Miss” June.. Man­aged to do a bit of a local pub-crawl with C&C and K&K to end up the night. — Fan­tas­tic!

I’m off into the coun­try and don’t expect to have much in the way of inter­net for the next few days, to don’t wor­ry about an update for a bit! :)

Oh, also, I’ve added a lit­tle adorn­ment to Thirsty­Girl. This real­ly ties the whole bike togeth­er.. ;)

Hula girl on an FJR 1300?  I say YES!