Well, I was prayed for in the Pub­lix park­ing lot yes­ter­day. They held my hands and every­thing. And by a real life Gideon and his wife no less! . I was also sent home with a copy of the New Tes­ta­ment and instruc­tions to read the chap­ters of John. . One of the charms of being down here in the south is the will­ing­ness of peo­ple to share their faith with total strangers. As a north­ern­er, this is a very unusu­al expe­ri­ence. . I find that the longer my hair and beard get, and the rougher the day I’ve had, the more like­ly I am to receive such treat­ment. Per­haps I look like a lost soul when I’m scruffy. . Regard­less of the why, and despite the fact that I don’t even remote­ly share their beliefs, I’m always touched by the ges­ture. So, thank you for the prayers kind strangers, and hap­py trav­els your­selves!

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Tren­ton Tye had some beau­ti­ful #geor­gia red dirt deliv­ered today for an upcom­ing project. @meetmancha decid­ed that it need­ed a thor­ough once over. #Dog­sOfIn­sta­gram #Inspec­tion­Passed #Dog­DoesThat­Work #DogsThat­Should­ntRe­al­ly­Work

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