Le sigh. This is why we can’t have nice things @meetmancha. I left you out­side to enjoy nature, not to get a full body greas­ing.

Tren­ton Tye had some beau­ti­ful #geor­gia red dirt deliv­ered today for an upcom­ing project. @meetmancha decid­ed that it need­ed a thor­ough once over. #Dog­sOfIn­sta­gram #Inspec­tion­Passed #Dog­DoesThat­Work #DogsThat­Should­ntRe­al­ly­Work

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Somebody was K/O'd on this morning's drive.

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Tanks dumped, check. Tire pres­sure 80 lbs, check. Win­dows clean, check. Loose items stowed, check. Packed and ready to leave, check. Dog in the motor home… umm.. dog? DOG!! Okay, maybe we’ll leave in la mañana..

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Ladies and gen­tle­men, I would like to intro­duce you to my new beast­ie bestie, Man­cha. After a month of play­ing on the beach, she has agreed to take on the adven­ture of the RV Life and hit the road with me tomor­row. She is kind and play­ful, and far too smart for her own good. Kind­ly pre­pare your­self for the onslaught of cute­ness along the way!

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