Trent’s new shop is com­ing togeth­er. The beam is built and half installed at the moment. The oth­er half is going up in a few min­utes. Down here in the south, these pole barn style build­ings are very com­mon. I’m guess­ing I haven’t spent enough time on farms in Cana­da to real­ly have an appre­ci­a­tion for whether or not these are com­mon at home, but I haven’t ever seen one being built so this is very inter­est­ing to see first­hand.
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from Insta­gram:

framed basement walls

A few more walls are com­plete..  The win­dow was com­plete­ly fin­ished after this pho­to, and I tore out a few bits of old wall on the east side of the base­ment in prepa­ra­tion for new/proper ones!

I’m wait­ing for W & J heat­ing to send out their gas fit­ter to fin­ish up the final gas lines so the elec­tri­cian can rein­stall the elec­tri­cal pan­el so I can build the wall around said pan­el so I can get the plumber in to run his new ser­vices so I can get this show on the road.. (sense a pat­tern?)

The logis­tics involved with doing any sort of ren­o­va­tion make me appre­ci­ate the skill of a good Gen­er­al Con­trac­tor even more.. :)  I’ve got to take a break to get some work done but I’ll start dig­ging back at this in a week or so!

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