Our last sun­set walk on the stun­ning La Bar­ri­ta beach. Bumped in to a way­ward bud­dy, played with the oth­er dogs, and then chased crabs after sun­down. This is the begin­ning of a huge adven­ture for Miss Man­cha and I’m hap­py that we could just have a bit more time on the beach togeth­er.

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Ladies and gen­tle­men, I would like to intro­duce you to my new beast­ie bestie, Man­cha. After a month of play­ing on the beach, she has agreed to take on the adven­ture of the RV Life and hit the road with me tomor­row. She is kind and play­ful, and far too smart for her own good. Kind­ly pre­pare your­self for the onslaught of cute­ness along the way!

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