Our last sun­set walk on the stun­ning La Bar­ri­ta beach. Bumped in to a way­ward bud­dy, played with the oth­er dogs, and then chased crabs after sun­down. This is the begin­ning of a huge adven­ture for Miss Man­cha and I’m hap­py that we could just have a bit more time on the beach togeth­er.

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A cou­ple in par­adise. Noth­ing makes a walk on the beach more roman­tic than a game of Can­dy Crush..

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Found this lit­tle gem in my phone after a day of search­ing for anoth­er pho­to. Thought I’d share this result from a morn­ing walk on the beach. #Mex­i­co nev­er fails to impress when it comes to sun­ris­es and sun­sets.
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Well, I may be a north­ern­er, but I know what sor­ta crea­ture makes these marks. Though, ours typ­i­cal­ly come out in the snow. Nice to see some tra­di­tions bridge cul­ture.
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More strange crea­tures on the beach yes­ter­day. What a curi­ous place!
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Things have been a lit­tle qui­et on the old Insta­gram chan­nel late­ly… There are rea­sons. They’re all good. There will be updates in good time, but in the mean­time here’s a lit­tle snip­pet of this morning’s walk on the beach… Much love from Mex­i­co
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