Well. I’ve been in ren­o­va­tion lim­bo for the last few weeks. With the help of my bud­dy Mar­tin, the base­ment has been almost com­plete­ly gut­ted. My bud­dy Mat­ty is fly­ing in from Van­cou­ver tonight to give me a hand with fram­ing in the unfin­ished bits.

A few iPhone pho­tos of the destruc­tion for you:


A 1940’s era Herr Hitler Dart­board.  The boys used it to prac­tice throw­ing knives..



Mar­tin made this pile from the walls that used to grace my walls..


Lucky find, this 6×6 post was a main sup­port beam on the west side of the house. It was com­plete­ly rot­ten save a 1“x1” cor­ner..  I’ve replaced this with a new steel tele­scop­ic post.


Mar­tin and the refuse..  The part that breaks my heart about this is we’ve thrown away THAT much wood and poten­tial­ly recy­clable refuse..  The Cal­gary city dump is archa­ic and doesn’t even both­er sep­a­rat­ing dif­fer­ent types of refuse.


20110517-134310.jpg 20110517-133826.jpg

The NFurno, Dehy­dra­tor 9000 low-boy fur­nace, cir­ca 1960’s


The heat exchang­er of this delight­ful­ly inef­fi­cient fur­nace..

Walls and plumb­ing will fol­low..

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In response to a request for gallery con­tent I’ll be assem­bling a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent pho­to series’ in the next month or two..  I wel­come com­ments, sug­ges­tions or any oth­er input.

  1. Bel­ly But­tons
    • After an inter­est­ing exer­cise at the Lead­er­ship Cal­gary open­ing retreat, I’d like to explore Bel­ly But­tons, an anatom­i­cal fea­ture that every­body on this earth shares. My inten­tion is to explore the sim­i­lar­i­ties and dif­fer­ences of said BB’s to high­light our com­mon ori­gins.
    • Please send me an email if you’d like your navel fea­tured in this exhib­it.
  2. Garbage
    • I was asked to exhib­it a series of pho­tographs at a local cafe in Novem­ber and in doing so, I’ve decid­ed to cap­ture some of what we throw away and the places the garbage inevitably ends up..   I’d like to use this to encour­age peo­ple to con­sid­er the impact of their Christ­mas pur­chas­es this year, and in the future.
    • As with the bel­ly-but­tons, if you’d like to take part in this, please let me know..