Our lunch spot today. The river shack, just outside of Mobile Alabama. Fantastic location, lunch on the dock, and lovely people to boot!

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Breakfast on Long Beach. Beautiful view, and a vintage neighbor to boot!

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After nearly 4 months of handwashing pretty much everything, I figured it was time to just get it into a commercial washer and properly clean. It turns out that somebody really enjoys helping with chores…

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Terri: I've had this #Montana decal pinned to my corkboard since I was there last June. I figured it was probably time to stick it on the old #96bounder I have done so in your honor, and now you three are properly represented on these adventures! . #StateProud #GoState and stuff… 😊

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Goli­ad, Texas. The old black­smith shop. Sad­ly the smith died a year ago, but he’s left a lega­cy in the hun­dreds of brands that’s he’s left behind on the build­ing.

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Noth­ing says Amer­i­ca like an Ital­ian delight served in a Span­ish box.

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Somebody was K/O'd on this morning's drive.

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Found this very rare self­ie in my drafts fold­er. Appar­ent­ly I had intend­ed to share it with you along the way. Tak­en at my hap­py place in front of JD Napier’s forge up there in Bled­soe, KY.

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Canta conmigo! How much is that burrow in the window, I do hope that burrow's for sale..!! . Good morning from the beautiful Rancho la Mesa in the lovely town of Pátzcuaro, Mexico. This is definitely a place worth returning to but sadly we were only here for the night!

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Tanks dumped, check. Tire pres­sure 80 lbs, check. Win­dows clean, check. Loose items stowed, check. Packed and ready to leave, check. Dog in the motor home… umm.. dog? DOG!! Okay, maybe we’ll leave in la mañana..

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