That’s a dog in a field.. :)
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I’ve real­ly been enjoy­ing the recent exper­i­ment with braid­ed leather, but I tend to move around through­out the day so instead of pin­ning the fin­ished end of my work to a work bench, I’ve built a strap to work from my leg or real­ly, any­thing heavy in the vicinity.

Found this little beauty on the morning romp with @meetmancha the other day. Thought it was worth sharing with you!
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I'm happy with How they turned out but I think I'd take care of any colour treatments before braiding a finished product.

Also, a little close up of a proof of concept experiment on today's project. Turns out, it's possible to braid around solid objects like this little ring. I'm not sure yet where this would be useful, but it's good to know that it's possible!

This time a round plait that will be really good for jewelry and cords in coming projects. these ones were made with 1/8 and 1/16 inch veg tan strips. Shown here undyed and untreated.

Fleas have been our battle of the week around here. We've tried to spray, we've tried the shampoo, and they never seem to die. When you've got a white coated beastie (like Miss Mancha) in the house, they are very obvious… It's a little horrifying if you've ever watched a sci-fi bug a movie. And I have.
There is a new style of flea collar that everybody at the co-op has been recommending. It's 60 some dollars though, and a bit of a tough pill to swallow. So I bought one for @meetmancha and it turns out there was a third left over when I was done trimming it for her neck. Since I've got the leather working supplies out anyway, I figured I'd make use of the $20 left over portion and make a collar for the other beastie (Aussie) on site with a bit of scrap and some stock hardware.
For something couple together in about five minutes I'm pretty happy with how this turned out! I have no idea if this part even has medication in it, but I figured it was worth a try!
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No trip to Tractor Supply  is complete without picking up your Dr. Naylor© supplies. On sale today; get yours while supplies last!

I've had these clevises in my leather kit for at least a year with the intention of making one of these bracelets. This one ended up being a bit small for me, but turned out really well otherwise. I'll refine the design and rephotograph tomorrow..

I've been playing with leather braids today. What do you think? Over the last few weeks, I've been trying to catch up on a variety of projects that need my attention lately, but I've been neglecting my creative needs.
I want to build a new collar of my own making for @meetmancha, but my leather working skills are feeling pretty rusty. This is a welcome re-introduction to working with such a versatile material.
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