Found a lit­tle Cana­di­an avi­a­tion his­to­ry today.
After a meal served on Roy­al Doul­ton chi­na, cof­fee ser­vice, and com­pli­men­ta­ry drinks, the flight atten­dants would walk the cab­in tak­ing orders from the in-flight shop­ping cat­a­log. This key chain was one of the fun trea­sures offered amongst high end per­fumes and plas­tic air­craft mod­els, one for every plane in the fleet. This, I guess, was the begin­ning of the race to buy as much cheap Chi­nese shit as pos­si­ble. And sad­ly rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the kind of con­sumerism, and focus on find­ing an ever cheap­er deal, that even­tu­al­ly drove War­dair out of busi­ness.

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