So this hap­pened on Sun­day. I don’t tend to fea­tured pho­tos of the back of the motorhome, but there used to be a motor­cy­cle hang­ing here.

While it was sit­ting at the trans­mis­sion shop over the week­end, some­body cut the locks (plur­al) and stole the motor­cy­cle off the back of the old #96Bounder. This was a pret­ty low blow, and made for a very expen­sive week. The trans­mis­sion alone is a $4000 hit, and to replace the unin­sured motor­cy­cle is prob­a­bly anoth­er $2500 that I can’t real­ly jus­ti­fy spend­ing at the moment. So, a huge les­son learned, and a word to the wise. If you’re leav­ing your #Rig at a repair facil­i­ty, stor­age yard, or any oth­er place where there aren’t peo­ple around con­stant­ly, strip down any valu­ables and store them some­where secure­ly. Hope­ful­ly you can ben­e­fit from my expe­ri­ence. – – – #RVLiv­ing #RVLife #Full-TimeRV #LifeOn­TheRoad #RVRe­pairs #rvtrav­el #Solo­Trav­el #Solo­Trav­el­er #Insult­ToIn­jury #Knoxville #Ten­nessee

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