Apple’s iWork kept ask­ing me to reg­is­ter, and even after I did, it con­tin­ued to pester me.. Read on for the solu­tion!

I use an admit­ted­ly old ver­sion of Apple’s iWork on occa­sion to make doc­u­ments that need to be pret­ty. It’s got some real­ly ele­gant lay­outs and makes use of unique fonts that Microsoft’s Office pack­age just can’t com­pete with. I’ve always found that Office cre­ates doc­u­ments that have a clunky, designed-by-a-12-year-old feel to them. They work, but they’re not nice to look at.

Some­how with a recent rein­stall on top of OSX Yosemite, the iWork pack­age wouldn’t take the hint that I didn’t want to reg­is­ter, and kept pes­ter­ing me even after I capit­u­lat­ed and fed it my stan­dard reg­is­tra­tion email address (

Turns out oth­ers have had this prob­lem too, and I found this thread on Stack­Ex­change relat­ing to the issue. The solu­tion is pret­ty sim­ple, but the prop­er step is tucked down at the bot­tom of the page, and you’d miss it if you don’t read all the way down.

Disable the registration dialog:

  1. Open (this should be in the /Applications/Utilities fold­er)
  2. Type the fol­low­ing:
     sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ RegistrationHasBeenSent true
  3. Enter your pass­word (your account will need to be an admin­is­tra­tor of the com­put­er)

How this works:

Sudo allows the com­put­er to act as an admin­is­tra­tor for this ses­sion alone.

Defaults is a lit­tle util­i­ty that lets you edit .plist files (or .iwork09 if that’s what you’re using) is a .plist or Prop­er­ty List file that is built in XML and stores appli­ca­tion spe­cif­ic data like Reg­is­tra­tionHas­BeenSent. We just set that to true and tricked the com­put­er into believ­ing that it doesn’t need the infor­ma­tion any longer!

Pre­sum­ably (Accord­ing to Mark) this works on iWork ’09, and I’ve con­firmed it also works on iWork ’08 (at least on my machine). Let me know if it works for you on these or oth­er ver­sions, or if it just doesn’t!

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2 Responses to Disable iWork registration nag screen..

  1. mark says:

    thanks much for the advice, this worked for me with iWork’09 on Yosemite 10.10.5

  2. Jordan says:

    Great to hear Mark, and thanks for the extra con­fig­u­ra­tion info!