For the last few years, I’ve orga­nized my email Inbox by fil­ing mes­sages in a fold­er that will help me find the mes­sages lat­er. I use one fold­er to hold indi­vid­u­als I deal with reg­u­lar­ly, and anoth­er to hold fold­ers for com­pa­nies where I may deal with a bunch of ran­dom peo­ple, or if I don’t deal with them reg­u­lar­ly.

Something like this:
   - People
      - Bob
      - Jane
      - Jim
  - Companies
      - Adobe
      - Dynatech
      - Grimm's

Doing this, I can use my Inbox as a sort of ‘to-do’ list that lets me know what I’ve got to accom­plish in a very dynam­ic fash­ion. Need some­thing from me? Send a quick email, and it’ll get done. I even send myself notes on occa­sion to keep a record of some­thing that needs to be done.

One down­side to this, is a long list of peo­ple and sup­pli­ers that end up mak­ing the fil­ing of these emails kind of oner­ous. Late­ly I’ve been deal­ing with a num­ber of com­pa­nies in the search for a new soft­ware solu­tion, and I find that Microsoft Out­look fold­ers all tend to look alike when you get a long list of them run­ning down the side of your screen.

The solu­tion I’ve come up with is to mark a sin­gle mes­sage as “read” in the fold­er that I’m reg­u­lar­ly fil­ing to, to high­light it in bold and make the fold­er easy to find when I’m quick­ly scrolling through the fold­er tree.  This will work in Microsoft Out­look, Apple (Mac) Mail, on your smart phone, gmail, hot­mail, or any oth­er email appli­ca­tions you’re using.


File list in Microsoft Out­look












I’d encour­age you to try this sys­tem and see how it works for you!

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