A friend of mine post­ed on her face­book page yes­ter­day:
Vot­ed, Tax­es in, Mom picked up at air­port … I play ‘Adult’ well.

Upon read­ing that, my first thought was.. “Oh, crap!  I’ve been gal­li­vant­i­ng long enough that I didn’t vote in the elec­tion, the accoun­tant had to remind me that my tax­es were due, and I’ve got a very impor­tant pas­sen­ger to pick up at the air­port today..   I real­ly hope I’m enough of an adult to get one out of three right.”

I’m unbe­liev­ably excit­ed (to say the least) about this trip to the air­port though, so we should be all good! I’ll be pick­ing up one incred­i­bly cool chi­ca who has tak­en a pret­ty big leap of faith and head­ed down here on a whim so we can see the Rolex Ken­tucky togeth­er..  You’ll see more of Chris­tianne over the next week as we explore Ken­tucky and the Smoky Moun­tains!

With that all said, she’ll be here in less than 12 hours and I still have much to do..  More updat­ing lat­er..


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4 Responses to A special passenger..

  1. j says:

    No updates? What’s going on down there? No pix? It snowed here the oth­er day, just say­ing for some inspi­ra­tion. :> Take care


  2. Kali says:

    Miss you around here! Excit­ing to read of your shenani­gans, as always.

    Also, I wish you’d left me your keys so I can check on the house/ use it as my per­son­al work­space. :)

  3. Jordan says:

    Ha! I’ve just done one to cov­er you for the time being.. Hav­ing a blast down here Jay, and I appre­ci­ate the heads-up about the snow.. Maybe I won’t come back just-quite yet! :) Hope things are going well up there regard­less and I’ll try to get some more posts whipped up for you short­ly! (Also, I’ve been intend­ing to give you a call, but you’re like three hours dif­fer­ent and by the time Cal­gary hits noon, I’m well in to doing chores around here!) :)

  4. Jordan says:

    Miss Kali! Glad you’re enjoy­ing the sparse read! I’ll drop you a note about the key. The neig­bours have an extra for the time being and I think I’ve got a few dead/dying plants that need tend­ing to.. :)